Want to Fundraise but don't know where to start? These steps should help get you going...

  • Start a campaign
  • Customize your fundraising page with images and a personal message. Let everyone know why you're passionate about preventing cancer and why they should donate.
  • Set a goal and make the first donation - people are more likely to donate to a page that has already raised some money. $5 should get the ball rolling!
  • Ask friends and family for support by sharing, tweeting or posting your fundraiser on social media, writing an email, or making a phone call. Connecting with your community will help you reach your goal.
    • Bonus tip! Keep it trending! Make regular updates on your social media pages to stay in touch with your supporters. You can find some helpful resources in your fundraising portal!
  • Say thank you when you recieve donations to show your appreciation to everyone that helps you reach your goal. 

Need help conveying your message? View our Guide to Preventing Cancer®